Clearstream (Email and Identity Security)

Clearstream provides settlement and custody services to approximately 2,500 customers worldwide comprising major stock exchanges, banks or national treasuries in more than 110 countries. Given the complexity, speed, quantity, and value of the assets involved, a fast, secure and trusted third-party service provider is absolutely essential for settling transactions. Clearstream meets this critical requirement by using Axway’s Validation Authority for OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol). Over 250,000 transactions are validated on a daily basis.With transactions in excess of millions of dollars each, and with some transactions even in excess of billions of dollars, the criticality of the Validation Authority solution cannot be overstated. “Making the decision to go with Validation Authority’s standard architecture has been a key enabler of managing the business online, and being recognized as a trustworthy application hosting vendor,” said Paul Rees, CISSP CEH at Clearstream.

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